The Cross and the Mandala

The Cross and the Mandala

1. Armenia, an open wound
The testimony of an Armenian-born Swiss citizen, Sarkis Shahinian, who as been struggling for many years for the recognitions of the genocide perpetrated on his people in 1915, when one-an-half million Armenians were deportes and slain by the "Young Turks" regime. The truth of the genocide continues to be denied by the political authorities in Ankara, and such stubbornness generates an obsessive thirst for justice and truth for the descendants of the victims.

2. Prionners of Peking and Shangri-La
The documentary is about the remembrance of the tragedy of the Tibetan people, who has been living under oppression since 1950. Tibetans are still expecting and longing for international solidarity at a political level, which is however late incoming, even though their charismatic leader, the Dalai Lama, enjoys vast popularity. The guiding character in this documentary is Tashi, a relative of the Dalai Lama who was onli a child when she came to Switzerland with her brother in 1961, after the 1959 insurrecions against the Chinese occupation in Lhasa.

3. Special contents: Armenia, a homeland denied
(1980 by W. Weick)

Two symbols representing the religious and cultural "hearts" of two peoples; the Cross for Armenia: one of the first Christian nations; and the Mandala: a source of strenght for the Tibetan people.

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